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Books and publications by David Harten Watson

Magic Teacher's Son
Book 1 of the Magicians Gold Series

Magic Teacher's Son is a story of betrayal, forgiveness, trust, and treason in a magical world at war. While armies clash in distant battles pitting Magicians against Sorcerers, the actions of an ordinary boy, his classmates, and his friends threaten the loss of their kingdom, but are also its only true hope for survival. 


When sixteen-year-old Pran sneaks out of his house one night to join other teens experimenting with sorcery, it sets into motion a chain of events that lead to betrayal, an attempt on his life, first love, friendship with a most unusual spy, treason, and the imminent conquest of his kingdom.


2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award Winner (category Young Adult)

2016 Eric Hoffer Book Awards Grand Prize Short List

2016 New Horizon Award Finalist

2015 IAN Book of the Year Awards Finalist

5-star review FortressOfGold_v1_FullCove
Fortress of Gold
Book 2 of the Magicians Gold Series

Enemy sorcerers destroyed the gold that powers white magic on Rados,

leaving the Kingdom of Eldor defenseless. A prophecy said the only hope of restoring the gold was for sixteen-year-old Pran to travel to the mythical world called Earth with three companions: Jelal, a spy whose accident with an eternal youth spell at age twelve cursed him to remain that age forever; Pran’s classmate Samir, who nearly killed Pran last week (but that was before they discovered they’re cousins); and Vitina, the exotic enchantress Pran fell in love with at first sight.


They arrive on Earth in New Jersey, a foul-smelling place infested with millions of horseless carriages. The prophecy leads them to the family destined to be their native guides, but then their plans go awry. Although they brought diamonds to trade (knowing Earthlings consider those useless rocks valuable), they learn it's hard to trade diamonds the size of eggs for gold. The FBI believes they’re international jewel thieves or diamond smugglers, Samir is captured, and the others must rescue him.


Pran begins questioning whether his love for Vitina is real or, as she believes, a magical side effect. Adding to his confusion, Pran is torn between his feelings for Vitina and a new, totally unexpected love interest—another boy. The only way to get enough gold to save their kingdom is to pull off a daring daytime heist of the most heavily-guarded building on Earth!

And Jelal has secret orders to steal more from Earth than just gold . . .

Millennium Bomber
A Story of Digital Revenge

Kevin is a senior programmer-analyst with years of excellent performance. One year before Kevin’s retirement, his boss shortchanges him with a puny $1 raise. Knowing his pension will be based on his final average salary, Kevin complains to his boss, who tells him that because of his age, the company considers him “obsolete” and not worth spending money on.


Furious at such blatant age discrimination, Kevin vows revenge. It’s December 1998, and Kevin comes up with a plan to re-introduce the “millennium bug” into programs that were already fixed by Y2K consultants, creating a “millennium bomb” that will destroy the company that discriminated against him when the year 2000 rolls around.

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